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Create new pages so easily

The easy to use functions ensure you're not looking too hard for the pages you've created, adding a page is a breeze. You can also add sub menu items just as easily also. Everything is close at hand, no hidden menus or lost time in finding where your pages are.


Edit pages easily, inserting content is a breeze

With a built in visual editor you will be entering your content in no time at all. The editor includes upload capabilities so you can insert images and files on-the-go. You can enable/disable pages whilst you work on them so they dont appear on the site till you're ready. The editor can also support easy inserting of google maps and even youtube videos.

No more boring sub pages

Bring some life into your subpages by using pre-defined content templates so you can organise your content into columns instead of just a simple block of text.

Easy subpage ordering

Whats more easier then up and down buttons to update the order of how your pages are displayed in the menu.

Resize when uploading

No more size issues with uploaded photos, the builder will resize them for internet use.

Built in News System

Publish News & Updates on your website easily, compose an update in visual content editor, do it as quick & easy as possible

Vote Poll

Get into interaction with your visitors, ask their feelings about your website or... weather?

Contact Form

Simple but powerful contact form, just enable or disable parts of form, and run it. It allow your visitors to contact you directly from your website


Creating a Gallery was never so easy, stop wasting your time on resizing your images or creating thumbnails, with built in Gallery you can create unlimited albums quickly!

SEO / Meta Tags

You can set MetaTags directly from Admin Area, no need to modify template or use any Meta Tags "tools" - everything is here already.


Built in statistics provided by GoogleAnalytic, just add your Analytics ID here and watch your stats grow!



As part of the package we're here to provide you with support when needed, support is just a couple clicks away 24/7!.

Website & Email Hosting

Our Instant Website package includes a solid hosting platform for you to host your site on, you'll rest easy knowing your site will be available 24/7 for visitors. Your hosting account will include:

  • 250mb Disk space - plenty of space for growing your site and storing emails
  • 3gb of Monthly Traffic
  • 20 email accounts - POP or IMAP accounts, hook them up with outlook or your mobile device
  • Unlimited email forwarders 
  • Free domain name registration if you order for 1 year - Otherwise you may register a domain for $99 /2yrs or a .com, .net for $35 /yr
  • 10% DISCOUNT for yearly purchase
  • Australian based hosting - you will benefit from our high availability hosting platform and will enjoy quick response times from your site compared to that of hosting overseas
  • Reliable Support - we will also be there to answer your support requests via email and assist you where possilble, including helping you setup your email accounts and testing them out for you. web design sydney

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Instant Website Terms & Conditions:
Payment methods accepted for this product are Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) & Bank transfer only. 10% discount is only available on yearly committment. Refunds will only be issued within the first 14 days minus any domain related fees which are non refundable. Free domain offer is only available if you pay for a yearly subscription, free domain is limited to .com,.net,.org,.info,,,, extensions only. Cancellations must be made via support ticket system at least 14 days prior to next billing anniversary. The instant website system remains property of Pitstop 101 Media and cannot be transfered to another host or developer, in the event of closing an account you will only be able to take your provided content with you - the CMS system will not run on unauthorised servers. Billing - you will be billed 14 days prior to due date, if you fail to pay on time you will have 7 days grace period after which the account will attract a late fee. Failure to pay after a further 7 days will result in closure of the account. All instant website support and hosting/email support requests are to be submitted via the online support ticket system provided at

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